This April, four members of our team: Dr. Kim Bugera, Dr. Peter Laansoo, Maria Santos and Lazaro Santos had the opportunity to travel to the island of Legaspi in the Philippines on an eye care mission trip.  Throughout the five days of volunteering, our team partnered with local optometrists from the region to perform over 2,500 eye exams, and distributed hundreds of pairs of donated glasses.

Many of the patients seen on the trip had recently lost everything during the chaos of two major natural disasters: a volcano eruption and a typhoon shortly afterwards. “They’ve had to rebuild their lives and homes without the ability to see, making what is an already difficult situation even harder” says Dr. Kim Bugera.  An eye exam on a mission trip is drastically different than one we provide in our office. We have none of the equipment we are fortunate enough to offer at home, instead we rely on basic hand-held instruments.

Dr. Bugera will be returning to the Philippines on a second mission trip  in November.