Sight Night Edmonton: an after-dark fun run… vision optional!

On September 27th Capital Vision Care sponsored and participated in Sight Night. This unique event, presented by Flaman Fitness, helped raise funds and awareness for the Alberta Sport and Recreation Association for the Blind (ASRAB). ASRAB offers year-round recreational programming for Alberta’s visually impaired, helping them lead and maintain active lifestyles.

Sight Night participants were able to choose a three-kilometer walk, or a six- or eight-kilometer run through the River Valley, equipped with a headlamp to light their paths. Visually impaired runners joined sighted participants for this event, making it an even more memorable experience for all.

Sight Night

This event not only helps raise funds and awareness of ASRAB, it helps encourage participants to take pause when considering the health of their eyes. Dr. Kim Bugera of Capital Vision Care says, “When you are getting your eyes examined, it’s so important to know whether you are receiving a simple sight test or a complete eye health examination. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy are the leading causes of blindness and can be managed and treated with early detection by your Doctor of Optometry.” Vision impairment can affect anybody, and an inspiring event like Sight Night can help people understand that there is life after vision loss.

Over 50 Capital Vision Care staff, family and friends took part in the evening helping raise over $50,000! It was an incredible experience for everyone involved.