Suffering From Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is a very common, yet complicated condition that requires a personalized treatment plan. Our team of experts help guide you through the entire process and provide you with a customized treatment plan so you can get back to living your life comfortably.

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What is Dry Eye Disease?

When the eyes do not produce enough tears to supply necessary nourishment and lubrication or produce tears that do not have the proper chemical composition, Dry Eye Disease occurs. The tears your eyes produce are essential for overall eye health and clear vision. Problems or imbalance with the oil, mucus or water layer of the tear film can also be a cause. Dry eye may cause any one or combinations of the following symptoms which can severely affect the quality of your life:

  • Dry, irritated, or red eyes.

  • Excessive tearing/watery eyes

  • Inflammation

  • Sore or sensitive eyes

  • Itchiness

  • Burning or inflammation

  • Crusty or gunky eyes

  • A gritty or pasty feeling in the eyelids

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What should I do if I have Dry Eye symptoms?

Only an optometrist can determine if you have Dry Eye Disease – Capital Vision Care is made up of a dedicated team of eye care professionals who guide patients to appropriate and specific therapies.

The pillar of dry eye management is the identification and classification of the type of dry eye. We start by using state of the art enhanced testing to provide an important diagnostic to determine the root cause. The diagnosis coupled with an impact questionnaire and other tests, provides us all the information we require to monitor successful progress through the individualized treatment pathways.

Did you know? – Capital Vision Care has a specialized clinic just focused on the diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of dry eye?

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Understanding the Quality and Quantity of the Tear Film

Optometrists at Capital Vision Care employ the use of the OCULUS Keratograph 5M to measure the quality and stability of the tear film. We start with running tests which measure the tear film break up time in a non-invasive manner.

To evaluate the quantity of the tear film, the Keratograph 5M takes a picture of the lower eyelid to measure the tear meniscus height.

Lipid layer

The Keratograph 5M can document a video of the oily layer of the tear film. A healthy and thick lipid layer is colourful and protects the tears from fast evaporation. If there is not enough lipid, the tear becomes unstable, the moisture dissipates quickly, and both vision and comfort can be compromised.


Located in both upper and lower lids, the meibomian glands produce complex oils that stabilize the tear film and prevent tear evaporation. Dry eye usually occurs If the meibomian glands do not function properly. Your optometrist will utilize the advanced features of the Keratograph 5M to assess the health of your meibomian glands directly.

OCULUS Keratograph 5M Screenshots for dry eye diagnosis

Dry Eye Disease is very personal and requires a customized approach to treatment. Our optometrists will work with you to create a treatment track that will best address your needs.

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New Treatment Technology

In addition to the traditional treatment methods, Capital Vision Care now offers LipiFlow® treatment options for patients diagnosed with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

LipiFlow® is an FDA-approved device used to remove gland blockages and restore gland function, getting to the root cause of your dry eyes rather than just treating the symptoms. The patented device uses Vectored Thermal Pulsation technology to apply heat and massage the inner eyelids, removing any obstructions within the glands.

This in-office treatment typically takes about 12 minutes per eye and patients often notice an improvement in their symptoms within two weeks. The LipiFlow® procedure typically provides results for up to one to two years.