Dr. Allec Fayad

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Dr. Allec has always been passionate about academics and making a meaningful impact in healthcare. Eager to contribute to his community, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Alberta, further cementing his commitment to eye care by earning his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Inter American University of Optometry. A fresh graduate from the class of 2021, Dr. Allec is thrilled to start making a difference in his community and fostering new relationships with his patients.

During his training, Dr. Allec gained invaluable experience in ocular disease diagnosis and management through various clinical rotations in both the US and Canada. These opportunities allowed him to serve diverse patient groups and broaden his understanding of eye care needs. Not only can Dr. Allec conduct comprehensive eye exams in English, Spanish, and Arabic, but he also takes pride in educating his patients about their eye health to ensure they leave each appointment with a better understanding of their overall vision wellbeing. His rotations focused extensively on ocular disease, contact lenses, cataracts, dry eye management, pediatric and geriatric eye care, and much more.

Though Dr. Allec is a big-city native, he has a small-town heart, thanks to his family roots. He’s always appreciated the charm and simplicity of small-town life. When he isn’t looking after the eyes of his patients, you’ll find Dr. Allec embracing a wide range of hobbies. He enjoys playing basketball, going on fishing and hiking adventures, running, and discovering new varieties of coffee beans. No doubt, Dr. Allec is excited to bring his passions and expertise to serve the vision needs of our community.

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