Dr. Amanda Stout

Dr. Stout, an esteemed graduate from the School of Optometry at the University of Waterloo, distinguished herself by earning a place on the Dean’s Honour List. Her interest in the complex workings of the visual system took root while she was studying Neuroscience at McGill University.

As a family-focused optometrist, Dr. Stout relishes the opportunity to deliver innovative solutions to meet her patients’ unique visual needs. She has a knack for simplifying complex information, helping patients understand their eye health better. Dr. Stout’s areas of special interest include managing myopia (nearsightedness) and tackling Dry Eye/Ocular Surface Disease.

When she’s not caring for her patients’ eyes, Dr. Stout loves immersing herself in mountain adventures. She also enjoys hosting all-season barbecues with her family, embracing the joy of outdoor cooking throughout the year. With Dr. Stout, you can expect comprehensive eye care that extends from her professional expertise to her personal dedication to wellbeing.

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