The Importance of Scheduling Annual Eye Exams for School-Age Children

Set Them Up for Success

As parents, guardians, or caregivers, one of the best ways to ensure that your school-age children are set for success is by prioritizing their eye health. Children aged 5-18 are at a stage where they undergo multiple phases of growth, both physically and intellectually. Clear vision is fundamental to their educational and personal development. As the new school year approaches, here are a few crucial reasons why an annual eye exam is essential for your child:

  • Alberta Health Care’s Support: It’s noteworthy that children’s eye exams are fully covered by Alberta Health care. This means no out-of-pocket cost for you, and invaluable care for them.

  • Predominantly Visual Learners: A staggering 80% of what children learn in school is presented visually. Whether it’s reading from the chalkboard, browsing through textbooks, or using digital devices, good vision is imperative to effective learning.

  • Spotting & Managing Myopia: Capital Vision Care is a clinic that specializes in myopia management. Early detection of myopia (nearsightedness) is crucial as it can progress rapidly during the school-age years. We offer a wide range of treatment options tailored for children, ensuring they get the best care suitable for their needs.

  • Alarming Stats: Did you know that 1 in 4 school-age children has a vision problem that could interfere with learning and behavior? Such stats make it clear just how crucial regular eye exams are in spotting and addressing potential visual challenges.

As we prepare for another school year, don’t let vision challenges stand in the way of your child’s success. Remember, our little ones largely interact with the world visually, and ensuring they have clear vision can make all the difference in their academic journey.

Act Now For Clear Tomorrow! Don’t wait until the last minute. Book your child’s eye exam with Capital Vision Care today and set them on the path to clear, healthy vision for the coming school year.

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