Dr. Kim Bugera

Dr. Bugera grew up on a farm near Elk Point, Alberta. When she was 14, she was having trouble seeing the berries on a mountain ash tree in her backyard. After getting her first pair of glasses, she quickly realized the importance of good vision. Thus, she became devoted to providing quality optometry to patients. Dr. Bugera attended the University of Waterloo and graduated with awards, scholarships and honours in 1996.  She has served the public by having been active on the Alberta College of Optometry as a council member and President.

She is very proud to be an optometrist as vision is so critical to the enjoyment of life. Together with her husband, Dr. Laansoo, they have done vision care trips to over 10 developing countries, such as Kenya, Peru and the Philippines. Dr. Bugera also spearheaded the Boyle McCauley Health Centre Optometry Clinic to help those less fortunate in downtown Edmonton.

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