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In today’s world, spending time in front of screens has become the norm. But this comes with a downside: many people experience discomfort and strain in their eyes, known as Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS). The good news is there’s a solution called Neurolens that can help.

What is Neurolens?

Neurolens is a special technology developed by Dr. Vivek Labhishetty. It’s designed to tackle the eye strain and discomfort often accompanying prolonged screen use. Unlike traditional treatments, Neurolens focuses on something called eye misalignment and its connection to the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for sensations in the face and head.

How Does Neurolens Help?

Neurolens works by addressing a condition called binocular vision disorder, which is often overlooked but can cause a lot of discomfort. Eye alignment can be measured accurately using a device called the Neurolens Measurement Device (NMD2). This allows for identifying even minor misalignments and providing customized treatment.

Who Can Benefit from Neurolens?

If you experience symptoms like headaches, eye strain, or discomfort after using screens for a long time, Neurolens could be beneficial for you. It’s especially helpful for those with Chronic Daily Headaches (CDH), a condition that has been linked to eye misalignment. If you’re curious, you can do a pre-screening test here.

Our optometrist, Dr Travis Turgeon, adds, “I do find that the lens is quite beneficial for migraine and post-concussion syndrome patients as well. After a concussion, the trauma can cause misalignment of the eyes, making it difficult to focus on nearby objects like phones, tablets, or computer screens for extended periods. Neurolens steps in by reducing the extra effort needed to focus, easing the strain on their eyes, and consequently alleviating symptoms such as headaches and eye strain.”

How Can You Get Neurolens?

If you’re interested in trying Neurolens, you can find more information and even book a prescreening appointment at our Windermere clinic. Schedule a visit to see if it’s right for you.

Embracing Eye Health in the Digital Age

In a world where screens dominate our daily lives, taking care of our eyes is essential. Neurolens offers a comprehensive solution to alleviate the symptoms of Digital Vision Syndrome and enhance overall well-being. By addressing the root cause of eye strain and discomfort, Neurolens brings clarity and comfort to our digital world.


Don’t let screen time strain your eyes any longer. Explore the future of eye health with Neurolens and experience the difference it can make in your digital life.

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